The Kingdom of Albion has been around for millenia.  As with any great kingdoms, all seemed well, although there were of course troubles here and there.  Times were good enough with few complaints.

Recently though, disaster struck.  The King has gone missing.  The kingdom has fallen into turmoil.  Everything is in disarray. Food has all but disappeared.  

It's been six months now.

What's more is that magic has now returned.  You've noticed this yourself.  Most people have believed that magic was impossible, but over the past months you've noticed new sets of strengths, senses, and skills.  Whoever you were before, you are becoming something entirely new and different now.

Your Role

Magic has just begun to enter the Kingdom. You have gained new strengths over your previous life.

Make a level one character.  Your character will be placed in the middle of woods, looking for answers of the missing king while simply trying to survive.