Valanthe and Hood awoke to birds tweeting outside their window.  The aromas of cooked eggs and breads further pushed them to awake. Upon leaving their room, they were met by a woman cooking who led them to the planning room they were in the previous night.

"Good morning."

"Hi, good morning," replied Valanthe.

"I have something that you need to do today. I have lost my memories," said King Daniel. "There is a book that you need to find.  It is known as 'The Book to Save the World.'"

"We will retrieve this book for you," said Hood. "Where will we find it?"

"I got into a scruff with a man called Glemte while I was escaping the castle.  He was able to steal the book from me. Oh, I got him good though! Unfortunately, he has this very important book, which will help me remember things. If you go to the town called Bridges located about fifteen miles east of here, you will be able to ask around to find him. He's better known than he thinks."

"What if we can't find him?"

"I have special items for you. The silver dagger you saw last night.  This is for you Valanthe. This sword is for you hood. And, this shattered orb.  Don't underestimate it."

Daniel proceeded to pull out an orb that was decorated with three dragons, with glass shards that barely appeared to hold in place.

"You can look into the orb to find whatever you wish to know.  Be warned, whenever you use it, you will attract the attention of everything magical, including evil, around you. Do not use it unless you are prepared to pay the cost."

Valanthe and Hood soon set out from the fort with provisions for a few days, although the town was barely a half day journey. They arrived to the town of Bridges while still mid morning. The peaceful town was disturbed by no one, not even the roll of the river, with the footsteps of these two visitors being the only sound.

"No one is around to ask about Glemte."

"Well then. I suppose we have no choice but to use the orb of dragons," replied Hood as he reached into his bag of supplies.  Hood pulled out the orb, set it down, and gazed into swirling smoke that lay beyond the cracked glass pieces.  In the mists of the orb, he saw himself but from the view of a bird.  The bird flew to just west of where they were standing to a graveyard, landing on top of a fresh grave.

A crack sounded as a small glass chip fell from the orb, interrupting Hood's scrying. Hood placed the glass chip in his pocket and the orb into his bag.

"There is a graveyard to the west.  We aren't far from it."

The two enjoyed their stroll to this graveyard in the serenity of this quiet town.  Once there, they found the grave that Hood saw in vision.

"Do you think we should dig here?" Hood asked.

"That's grotesque.  We were told that the book was stolen, not buried."

"There's a reason we are here.  And this grave is fresh.."

The grave itself looked as if it was dug in haste.  Chunks of dirt jagged out in several directions.  A makeshift gravestone displayed a date of two months prior.

"Ok. I'll help you dig," Valanthe said, pulling out her silver dagger and pushing it into the dry dirt. Hood's sword became a shovel and the two dug. They kept digging, only to find more and more dirt. They dug for over an hour, which was more than enough to realise that there was no body there. There wasn't anything. "This doesn't make any sense! Why is there a fresh grave with nothing in it?!"

"Nothing makes sense these days.  I miss our old life of simple pleasures," answered Hood.

"I do too."

"Who ever would have thought that magic actually existed?"

"Things are so different. I can't believe it's been a secret for so long. And now this?! A grave without any reason!"

Hood pulled out the orb held by three dragons. "That's so, but this led us here and gave us a new mystery. It is weird, don't you think?  Are you ready for me to do this?"

"Let's get this over with. I don't like that thing."

Hood gazed into the orb. Cloudy swirls filled his vision. He saw a sword in its clouds begin to swing, only to hear the clang of a dagger hit just behind his back. He turned around to see Valanthe's dagger holding back the attack of a sword. A skinny, tattooed, middle aged bald man held the opposing sword towards her.  

Valanthe ducked around and swept her leg under the man, quickly bringing her dagger to his face and her foot to his arm. Hood soon joined in with his sword towards the man's chest.

"You're ruining my life!"

"Ugh! Who are you?" yelled Valanthe to the man.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" cried out the man.

"That's a funny name," retorted Hood, with a smile and a wink.

"I wish I could wipe that smile off of your face," snarled this bald man.

"You will answer my question!  Who are you?" yelled Valanthe again.

"Just kill me.  If you don't, the others will."

"Others? What others?" questioned Valanthe.

The bald man rolled his eyes.

"You're very flippant for a life or death situation," continued Valanthe.

"You know little about life or death. Have you ever actually murdered anyone?"

"Stop distracting, and answer my questions. Who are you, and who do you work for?" Valanthe pushed the dagger closer towards his throat.

"I remember you.  You were friends with the king." The man spit towards Valanthe. "I hate you." The man tried to spit again but was soon laid unconscious with the back end of Valanthe's dagger.

It wasn't long before the man awoke, tied up, with Valanthe and Hood no where to be seen.

"I still don't get it.  Why was the grave empty?" asked Valanthe to Hood.

"It's tricks.  Whatever is going on appears to be a lot of weird tricks."

"How would an empty grave be a trick?"

"I don't know, could it be intimidation? Perhaps someone was intending on using it in the future without being questioned - if it had already been dug?  It makes as little sense to me as it does to you."

"Are you sure that letting him go was the right thing to do? Won't we have to fight him again in the future?"

"Maybe, but I wouldn't count on it. The others he talked about will probably kill him once they find out what I did."

"Do you think they really will?  Do you think he'll go back? He can't really be that stupid. I remember him you know.  He always swore in the same way just outside my window. I thought he was just a gardener."

"Who knows? Maybe he'll give up this life and take up farming."

"I doubt it."

"You never know."

Valanthe and Hood made camp for the night out in the woods, isolated but not far from town, preparing for the coming day.